Tuesday, 17 May 2016



Nowadays, People started displaying there money power in day to day life
In-fact the Poorer becoming Poorer and Richer becoming Richest & The Middlemen is trembling, struggling for this Money to Show off and to Survive 
Surprisingly they are showing off to those who can't afford at present and unknowingly put them to think to show off  but the matter of fact is that they Actually sailing on the same boat because they can't compete with those who are well off from them .....

Hence, Nobody is satisfied but wants to Show off  Money Power   #SHAKTIPRADARSHAN

The more we inclined towards Shaktipradarshan, it will result in 3 D's - Downfall,Damage & Depression 

~ EMI's - Eqo Money Indigenous  

Note :  This post is not written  in zealous but to awaken the Individual

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